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Best of PC, PS4, and Xbox One Games 2014 Platz 14 – 00:00 – Dying Light Platz 13 – 02:13 – Dragon Age Inquisition Platz 12 – 03:54 – Mirror`s Edge 2 Platz 11…
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Just recently, my Xbox 360 Slim (4GB) has been randomly shutting off and the light on the AC Power Adapter ( The power box thing ) turns red and i have to unplug the cord from the wall and let it cool. I had seen another post about a buzzing power box, and that WAS happening to me, but it stopped and now this is happening. I can’t leave my xbox on for over 15 minutes without it shutting off randomly. I’ve looked online for AC Power Adapters for the Xbox 360 Slim and I can’t find one anywhere that is for the xbox 360 slim, only 1 for the older xboxs. Please help me!!
-cP Over

It sounds like your xbox may be overheating so it shuts itself off for protection. It sounds like it’s the power supply. You can read more up on it HERE. But to me it does sound like the power supply. Good chance you will want to call xbox support at 1800-4MY-XBOX (1800-469-9269). Hope you can get it fixed soon so you can get back to playing!

Please help me :(

It sounds like your xbox may be overheating so it shuts itself off for protection. It sounds like it’s the power supply. You can read more up on it HERE. But to me it does sound like the power supply. Good chance you will want to call xbox support at 1800-4MY-XBOX (1800-469-9269). Hope you can get it fixed soon so you can get back to playing!

If your Xbox was new when purchased, and it hasn’t been too long ago it when you purchased it, your xbox may be under warranty. I’m not certain if the Power supply is included in the warranty, but if so you can call the Xbox company to schedule a repair order. If not, another option you may want to pursue is to just buy another power supply from a retailer or online. I think they sell them individually, but I don’t know the price. The drawback to this is that if the power box is not the problem, you’ll be out the money for a new power box but don’t really need one; so I would be sure as much as possible that this is the problem before investing in this. By default, I would just resort to calling Xbox at 1-800-4MYXBOX and ask them for assistance like RedOneFlyer suggested… Hope this is at least somewhat helpful!!!

You can get power supplies from microsoft, all you have to do is go here order a new one

what i did is every time i played i would put the box next to a fan or a window to keep it cool.


Buy a brand new power supply for your XBox 360 Slim!

1 week old Slim Xbox 360′s power brick makes loud noise. The console itself is totally silent, but the PSU makes such a loud noise like my PS3 does when I pl…
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My xbox 360s brick failed, so I created one from a much cheaper pc power supply. pentru romani:…
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Got 2 xbox slims (4GB), one from about November 2010 and one from March 2011. We’re getting rid of the old one but can we swap the old and new power bricks? Will that affect anything or have any bearing on the warranty? I’ve read here about the different revision power bricks having issues like excessive noise and would want to keep the power brick with the lowest noise and best reliability.

They are the same, and they do have different revision of the brick but as long as its a slim console it will work. Rev B in my experience as well as other people is kinda noisy. Rev 02 is ok though, I had mine changed to that.

BTW wrong forum, this should go on the video games section.

The Rev 02 is the quiet power supply. The Rev 03 is the newest one and I’m assuming it is quiet as well.

Best thing to do is to call up Microsoft and send your power brick to be replaced with either a Rev 02 or 03.

As far as I know there are three revisions:
1.Rev B
2.Rev 02
3.Rev 03

These revisions were released in that descending order with the Rev B bricks being the very first ones released and also the loudest.
I have never heard of Rev 01 power supplies for the slim and doing a quick Google search doesn’t bring anything up either. So I’m not too sure where you’re getting your info from.
The Rev 03 bricks are the latest ones and were just released a few months ago with the latest batch of slims. For now it seems as though they are quiet as well but there isn’t much info out about em yet.
Your best bet is to just get the Rev 02 power brick as it is definitely quiet.

Either way, you only have Rev 02 and Rev 03 (according to your post) to choose from. It doesn’t make sense to purchase a Rev 01 since you have already have two functioning power brick to choose from. Pick whichever sounds less noisy to you and keep it. If you believe that Rev 03 is the worst, stick with Rev 02. For me I’m happy with Rev 02, considering I got the Rev B before. That thing is noisy, I can tell you that. When I received that I wanted the old bigger power brick that is silent. But good thing MS exchanged it for me but I had to pay postage which sucks but oh well.

The problem with this is that sometimes its all about luck, you never know that your new power brick or console might F’ed up and the older one might now. Sometimes its all about chance. The logical choice sometimes is to get the newer one, right.

Sure that makes sense.

But I had a string of backfires that killed my philosophy that everything newer must be better. Now I tend to assume dirty companies are cheapening and reducing quality to squeeze out that extra measure of profit. I am wary that newer revisions don’t always mean they are better.

Just this week I noticed some groceries formerly 750g are silently 700g. Somewhere an evil company honcho is bragging about how he “earned” the company an extra 7% profit this quarter. The world still consumes 750g, there’s thousands of extra pounds of extra packaging to deal with.

The 6 foot power cable included has become the 4 foot power cable, some other jerk brags of his 33% ingenuity.

The new operating system that tells you your DVD drive, CPU, and video card are all defective, even though they work perfectly with the previous operating system and the beta of the new OS.

The alkaline batteries included have become the carbon zinc battery included. Multiple by a half million units and some ********* executive enjoys another 6 figure quarterly bonus that he won’t live long enough to spend.

What does this all have in common? Business “success” stories that are institutionalize swindles and pick pocketing.

In the past, genius was rewarded. Someone who invented something better, faster, safer or made life easier would reap the business success. Now, whoever comes up with the sneakiest way to skim short term profits is the “winner”.

For more evidence, look at this power brick. The old power brick was quiet and reliable. Due to the massive amount of main board failures, there are millions of surplus Xbox power bricks in the world. Did Microsoft do the right thing and let people use these power bricks? Nope, they had to go an redesign an incompatible new brick, one that is noisy and flimsy. The old ones are now useless lumps of toxic material that can sit around for centuries.

Its not like a newer released is better, its the newer one that you bought in theory should last longer since the wear and tear are less compared to your old one. Just an advice it doesn’t matter which one newer or older but picked that one that you think will last longer or better. Since sometimes it might be a psychological thing. All electronic device fail sometimes whether it fails sooner or later just depends on dumb luck.

Anyway good luck picking.


Buy a brand new power supply for your XBox 360 Slim!

i bought my xbox 360 slim last february, and had no problems whatsoever untill about 3 months ago when the power supply started to get very loud. first off i keep it in a very open space away from other electronics so it can receive the most airflow possible. it got so bad that i could hear it over my tv from where i sit about 6 to 7 feet away. so i called up microsoft and shipped it to a repair center which i had to pay for even though i was still under warranty, well it took a month to receive my replacement, and now less than 2 months later with my warrenty expired the replacement is even louder than the original. so what does everyone think i shoould do? is there any things i can do to quiet it? sorry about the capitalization and spelling, im on my blackberry and its being incredibly stupid. thanks for the help.

I just tried plugging it into my powerstrip/surge protecter and it seems to be quieter, is it safe to plug a slim into a surge protecter? I remeber Microsoft saying not to with the original 360s. For the area around it, there is open space on 3 sides of it with about a foot of space on the one side.

Figures that didn’t work either, now it’s just as loud as it was. Any ideas? I’m not paying to send in another faulty product.

There’s a known issue with the Power Supplies for the 360 S models, that Microsoft is currently looking into. They all sound like they’re about to lift off of the ground, but really it is just the fan inside the power supply. It’s nothing to worry about and unless it actually causes issues with the console itself, I wouldn’t worry about it. Mine does the same thing, has for several months now, and I’ve had no issues other than the annoying sound for the first 15 minutes of gameplay, then it’s quiet. Up to you if you want to replace it, just know replacing it may just have the same issue sometime down the line.


Buy a brand new power supply for your XBox 360 Slim!

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hate it when people put “Red ring of Death” for a ORANGE flashing light on the power bar and actually a red ring on the front of the Xbox (which then would mean the red ring of death)!

I just fixed this problem for a friend. They had a contoller charging lead plugged in to the front which had a bad connection in it. Thats all it was so I just unplugged the charging lead and it worked.

So Unplug everything except the power and see if it works 1st, if it does then plug things back in one by one and see when it starts to flash and thats your problem lead there.

i felt so retarded when i pulled up my controller charger lol. as soon as i pulled it out my xbox turned on. Thanks bro!

The xbox has overheated. Clear out dust from the back because this may be the cause to it. The dust cloggs up the fan so that cant perform and then your xbox gets overheated from the back so the back of the xbox really needs clearing out. If that still doenst work there are people in the UK that fix xbox red ring of death for around £15 GBP. Im not sure if the price is the same in the US.

Oh my god man, I mean OH MY GOD! you just made my freaking week! I was freaking out because the same thing was happening to me, and I just came back from another site that said all this stuff about replacing the wires and sending it into Xbox and stuff like that, so I decided to check one more site. I saw your comment, then I unplugged my charger and it worked! thank you so much! you are a life saver


Buy a brand new power supply for your XBox 360 Slim!